Introducing Fabulous Ubud


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    Ubud Main Road, Ubud 80571, Gianyar, Bali - Indonesia,(Fabulous Ubud Tourism Information Centre)

Fabulous Ubud at Ubud’s Tourist Information Centre holds the key to greater exposure of Ubud’s traditional and contemporary cultures, hidden retreats, sights and sounds, as well as her many different expressions of creativity. Our e-commerce website seeks to connect travellers to all the unique experiences that Ubud has to offer, a practical one-stop destination enticing seekers’ interests. Here, travellers are given central access to activities, events, art, traditional and cultural happenings before arriving at our door step, and are able to plan their journey efficiently. In addition to virtual tourism information services, our front desk staff at the UTI on Jalan Raya Ubud serve travellers an array of tours, packages, and other activities to choose from, as well as anything else pertaining to natural sites, wellness and oneness - the soul and spirit of Ubud.

Fabulous Ubud Team runs and manages a group of 118 tour cars working together with 13 banjar of Ubud to provide the best possible tour experience to our guests.


As Ubud’s tourism grows, we seek to safeguard the culture and tradition of local communities and maintain the uniqueness of attractions, while upholding the welfare of Ubud residents by creating a sustainable structure for development.


We aim to provide high quality services and concise information on contemporary, cultural, traditional, holistic and natural sites in Ubud, relevant to the many tourist demographics, while inspiring responsible travel and conscious consumerism.


The long-standing Ubud Tourist Information Centre falls under the non-profit organization called Yayasan Bina Wisata . Now hosting Fabulous Ubud, it is under this organization that Ubud’s social services are managed. Ubud’s thirteen banjars thus benefit from the activities, events, proceeds and partnerships formed in Fabulous Ubud, creating a torus of positive impact from and into the community.