Jro Kuta Palace


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  • Address:

    Dr Sutomo Street, Denpasar Regency, Bali

Jro Kuta Palace is located on Kumbakarna Street, Denpasar, about 100m off the famous Maospahit Temple. Jro Kuta Palace has a unique complex of nine buildings, Ancak Saji, Semanggen, Rangki, Pewaregan, Saren Raja, Saren Kangin, Paseban, Pemerajan Agung, and Pekandelan, which is kind of a fortress to protect the main part of the area – Kertha Gosa.

All serve specific purposes and contain several statues that portray Balinese resistance fighters against the Dutch.  It is also the palace that has retained most of its regional structure due to the fact that it was relatively unscathed during the Dutch occupation. The buildings here are the most complete compared to other palaces.