Lapangan Puputan Margarana


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  • Address:

    Puputan Main Road, Denpasar Regency, Bali

Housed on the grounds of this impressive Lapangan Puputan Margarana (Puputan Park) in the middle of the city is a grand 45m grey lava-rock monument shaped like a priest’s bell (bajra) called the Bajra Sandhi (Balinese People’s Struggle in the early 20th century). Designed by Taman Budaya’s architect, Ida Bagus Tugur, it was built specifically to commemorate Bali’s various puputans during the struggle against the Dutch as well as mark Indonesian Independence Day by featuring eight entrances, seventeen corners and a height of 45m, numbers that all correspond to that date - August 17th, 1945.

Bajra Sandhi Monument is located at Bellows Field Margarana Renon Denpasar, right in front of the government center of Bali Province. Built in 1987 and inaugurated on June 14, 2003, this monument symbolizes the spirit of struggle, Balinese art and culture as a form of melastarikan to be passed down to future generations.

At the northern edge of the park you will find the governor's office and other government buildings.