Blanco Renaissance Museum


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  • Address:

    Campuhan Street, Ubud Village, Gianyar Regency, Bali

Also known as Don Antonio Blanco Museum, this exuberant edifice was home to prolific Catalan artist Antonio Blanco. Hailing from Spain, the eccentric artist made his journey to Bali via the Philippines and found an artistic niche for himself on the Island of the Gods. Specializing in erotic art and illustrated poetry, Blanco is sometimes compared to Salvador Dali, their similarities evident in Blanco’s art, demeanor, and fabulous fashion sense. The Blanco Renaissance Museum is an architectural blend of Bali and Spain and showcases many of Blanco’s artworks as well as a handful of his son’s, although in this case, the apple falls very far from the artistic tree.

When Don Antonio Blanco created the Bali Blanco Renaissance Museum, he intended it as a reflection of his raucous, raunchy and creative inner life. Not only would the Blanco Museum house his sexy, humorous artwork, it would also serve as a home and temple for his growing family, one set amidst Central Bali's rice fields, beside the whispering Campuhan River. It is a psychological self-portrait of the master himself: eccentric, wildly creative, and possessing the capacity to both inspire and offend. Above all, the museum, like its master, is deeply devoted to Bali.