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Nyepi, is preceded by Melasti, which is celebrated throughout the whole island of Bali. It corresponds to the great purification. On this occasion, the Balinese go to the see or to a natural water source to purify their bodies and their sacred objects.

The day before Nyepi, the main road junctions receive large offerings supposed to exorcise evil spirits. At night, great processions march through the streets carrying ogoh-ogog (paper-mache monsters, demons’ folk statues) representing the past year’s demons. Cymbals and firecrackers accompany the procession to frighten off evil spirits and the statues will be burned afterwards .

Nyepi is the Balinese New Year (of the Saka calendar). It takes place in March or April according on the Balinese calendar.

It corresponds to a day of silence, meditation, to refocus and liberate the minds from negative emotions. This silence is also aimed at convincing demons that the island is deserted, so that they will not come back to disturb its inhabitants.

"During that day, it is strictly forbidden to anyone (Balinese and tourists) to go out on the streets, to set a fire or to turn the lights on, to work and even to entertain themselves for 24 hours starting from 6am. Even the airport is closed for the day (except for medical emergencies)!"

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