War Game Air Soft Gun at Keramas (KP)

  • Date : 2017-04-30 to 2018-03-31
  • Time : 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Adult : $ 35 Per Person | Child : $ 35 Per Child

Address :

Keramas Village, Gianyar Regency, Bali - Indonesia

Phone : +62 361 973 285 (Fabulous Ubud Tourism Information Centre)

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Min 6 Pax

Airsoft is a sport or game that simulates military or police activities, which uses a replica of a firearm called water soft guns

Airsoftgun or airsoft gun was created to fulfill the desire of arms lovers (positive) to experience a relatively safe firing experience for individual users and the application of combat strategies in war games if within a community. Every good and responsible community always has its own code of ethics, but has the same principles for the safety and sustainability of this hobby itself. This hobby includes a unique hobby that is different from other hobbies. Because it uses game tools and other accessories which is a replica of the actual weapon. The looks and impressions shown from this gameplay tool if it is not wise to treat it will be detrimental to others and to these hobbyists themselves. Therefore, if there is any person or group of people who do not comply with the code of ethics of airsoft usage, they are reasonable not to be considered or excluded from the scope of national and international airsoft hobby world.

Toys airsoft or airsoft gun, has an outer form which is a replica of a firearm. Airsoft gun 1: 1 scale with original weapons, but the airsoft gun work system is not the same as firearms. Airsoft Guns are divided into three main types based on their propulsion power: spring, spring, and gas. In the spring type, the bullet is fired by a per, and must be cocked each before firing. In the electric type, toys use electric motors or dynamos that run on battery power that drives the pinion. Then the pinion moves the gearset that drives the piston so that each is interested. Then when it comes to the tip of the piston's teeth, per will push the piston so that it will cause wind rage that push the bullet. And on the gas type, toys are operated using high pressure gas, which is usually a mixture of propane and polixilosane is usually called green gas and there is also a green gas that is higher than green gas or equivalent CO2. In the airsoft world, it is very taboo to call airsoft as a weapon

Airsoft bullets

Bullets that are used in the form of round plastic solid and commonly called BB (Ball Bearing). The size of this grain diameter of 6 mm with a weight varies from 0.12 grams, 0.25 grams, 0.30 grams. There are some special sizes of bullets measuring it weighs 0.80 grams that should not be used for skirmish or war game because it is made of iron or glass or buckwheat. Actually the bullet or BB's airsoft that should be used is only a 6mm size and made of plastic so as to make airsoft harmless except for the eyes


Some of the fixtures in this game are like vests, helmets, boots, and gloves are also cultivated similar to those used by the military and police. This game is done in a place that resembles a forest but this natural setting is very natural because there is no slight change the original condition.