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  • Date : 2016-05-20 to 2021-03-31
  • Time : 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Adult : $ 20.8 Per Person | Child : Below 2 Years Are Free!

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Singapadu Main Road, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali - Indonesia

Phone : +62 361 973 285 (Fabulous Ubud Tourism Information Centre)

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About Bal Zo

The Bal Zo opened in 2002 as the island’s first and only Balinese-owned zoological park, which still holds true today.  We are situated on 22 acres of lush landscape in the art village of Singapadu and are home to a diverse collection of more than 350 exotic animals a majority of which are indigenous to Indonesia, including rare and endangered species such as the Sumatran Elephant, Sumatran Tiger, Orangutan, Sun Bear and Binturong. Our animals reside in hundreds of quality built eco-habitats and are well cared by our friendly staff of 170 who work as part of our extended zoo family.

Located centrally in Bali’s cultural Gianyar Regency, the Bal Zo is within close proximity to the tourist areas of Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak and Nusa Dua and is only 15 minutes drive from Ubud. It was conceived and developed independently by Mr. Anak Agung Gde Putra on private land in his own village of Singapadu in the Sukawati district of Gianyar.  It was created foremost out of his love for animals followed by a desire to conserve and protect various Indonesian fauna and a wish to provide the public with means to share in this wonderful experience for locals and tourists alike. All within a well designed space of natural beauty that is also distinctly Balinese.

Mr. Anak Agung Gde Putra began building the zoo in 1996 using his own finances and the project was finally completed in September 2002 after six years.  Despite a major setback after the Bali bomb disaster crippled tourism a month after the zoo opened and with no financial assistance from the Indonesian government, Mr. Anak Agung Gde Putra persevered with his vision and further sought out to raise Bal Zo up to the level of an international zoological park.

Bali Zo offers a number of unique and one-of-a kind experiences during your visit with us.  From our beautifully landscaped and shaded garden paths that lead you through our park to our various ‘hands on’ animal encounter sessions where you are allowed to feed, pet and take photos with number of our zoo inhabitants to our assorted family activities such as our Elephant Back Safari, Bal Zo is not only a place to observe, learn and marvel at exotic fauna, but also engage with them through our safely supervised activities scheduled throughout the day and night.  This is all part of our commitment to conservation, research, education and recreation as The Island of The Gods premier zoological park.

As part of our incomparable zoo experience, we also have two distinct restaurants serving food from 9am till 6pm. Our grand Elephant View restaurant sits up to 300 for buffet or a la carte Asian fare, is idyllically located in the middle of park and offers a magnificent view of our elephant trail and surrounding tropical gardens, while near the entrance to the zoo is our Wana Restaurant, named after Botswana’s famous delta river valley. This rustically designed two-story restaurant is a perfect place from where to view our African lion den where our family of lions resides as you dine on western cuisine or our selection of delicious desserts.

Facility Information

  • Elephant Expedition

Our resident herd of Sumatran elephants hails from Palembang, Sumatra. These remarkable creatures are the largest land animals and are amongst the world’s most intelligent species with brains very similar to humans. Besides being highly cognitive animals with exceptional appetites (they consume up to 250 kg of food daily), elephants are also very emotional beings that are able to communicate with each other using infrasonic sound waves inaudible to our ears and are known to mimic, use tools, paint, problem solve and even help other species in distress.

Your trip through one of the best new elephant trails in Bali begins at our 100-year old traditional Sumatran buffalo house (kandang kerbau) that also serves as our comfortable boarding area.

From a comfortable bench seat perched atop one of our Sumatran elephants you’ll be driven by one of our experienced mahouts through a scenic pathway that winds through parts of the zoo then outside the park where you can see where our elephants sleep and bathe.

Your journey continues through the nearby wilderness as you cross the Wos River on elephant back and then visit a natural waterfall and grassy valley. At our Bale Bengong pit stop along the way you may disembark for a refreshing young coconut drink and short trek up a hill to visit the area’s oldest village temple in the area that dates back over five centuries. After your ride is over we invite you to hand feed and pet our amazing elephants and then enjoy lunch at our Wana Restaurant where you’ll sit only meters from our African lion den. Zoo Explorer and Animal Encounter Sessions also included.

Elephant Safari

For a shorter adventure trek, try our Elephant Back Safari that leads your through our tropical zoo panorama where you’ll hear the screech of our gibbons mingled with birdsong from our aviary. After visiting the same bathing pool and elephant habitat you’ll return via a picturesque route through our lush jungle gardens with a view of several animal domains along the way.

  • Breakfast With Elephant

Bal Zo is excited to offer a fun and unique new alternative start to the day; Bali's first and only “Breakfast with Elephants”. This programme starts with an early morning pick up at the hotel and a journey to the zoo in the Zoo’s distinctive van.

Upon arriving at the zoo, the wild has just woken up and, along with the amazing sounds of the gibbons and birds' dawn chorus, guests will be welcomed by our gentle giant Sumatran elephants who host you at their playground for breakfast. Starting with croissants, Danish pastries and a fresh tropical fruit salad with yogurt, choice of all American breakfast, Continental breakfast or Balinese style nasi goreng will be served along with choice of tea, coffee and fruit juices.

Whilst enjoying the most important meal of the day, guests can also observe the close bond and interaction of the magnificent creatures with their ‘mahout’ and be amazed to learn how close the connection is between the ‘mahout’ and their elephant.

Once breakfast is concluded, hop on and enjoy a ride on top of the elephant's back where they will take you on a tour around their home. You will experience an unforgettable enjoyment of having the rare and extraordinary adventure of riding the biggest walking mammal on Earth.

After the tour, guests will be taken back to the starting point where a memento as a friendship token of the treasured moments together with them during your visit be presented, as the elephant’s now consider you as one of their new close friends.

  • Mahout For A Day

Have you ever wondered what it would possibly be like to command the largest land animal on earth? Or perhaps learn up close and personal what it takes to care for a Sumatran elephant for a day? Bal Zo is proud to feature a remarkable and one of a kind experience that you won’t soon forget with our signature Mahout For a Day program; the only one of it’s kind in Indonesia.

Derived from the Hindi word mahaut, a mahout is traditionally a person who rides, handles and cares for an elephant for most of its life At Bal Zo, most of our professional mahouts are from Sumatra where our elephants originate and for one day they will show you what a day in the life of one of these amazing creatures.

Your day as a mahout begins with an early morning transfer from accommodation to Bal Zo where you will be greeted by a guide for orientation and start the day with a Balinese breakfast at our Elephant View restaurant. After your meal you’ll board your elephant from our 100-year old traditional Sumatran Buffalo House for a morning ride with your personal mahout to the nearby scenic Wos River where your training begins with a lesson in how to bathe and scrub an elephant. Then hop back on your pachyderm and head over to his pad for more tutorials beginning with cleaning duties followed by more mahout instructions on how to behave around the elephant, learning basic vocal commands, how control and drive the elephant, and how to board and disembark the animal safely.

After your Mahout 101 course, you will ride your elephant back to the starting point for an opportunity to feed our African lion family, have a stroll around the zoo and then a private animal encounters session where you may have your photo taken with our crocodiles, pythons or the fur of a binturong. Then it’s on to Lunch With The Lions at our Wana Restaurant where you can enjoy our southeast asian influenced cuisine in plain view of our lion enclosure.

After lunch, it’s back on your elephant for a 45-minute Elephant Expedition where you will journey across the Wos River, through the zoo’s surrounding wilderness and grassy valley, a short stop at our Bale Bengong for a refreshing and healthy young coconut drink and then finally a short trek up to the oldest village temple in the area that dates back almost 300 years.

Once back at the buffalo house disembarkation point you will be treated to a sumptuous Jungle SocieTea at Wana Restaurant followed by an hour relaxing Balinese massage before transfer back to your hotel by late afternoon.

Bal Zo Mahout For a Day experience is designed to not only enlighten you on the behavior of these magnificent mammals and what it entails to command and care for them, but also leave you fulfilled having participated in probably one of the most unique outdoor adventures you will have on the island during your visit.

  • Miniapolis Jungle

Miniapolis Jungle is now open at Bal Zo, Gianyar Bali. The newest attraction available at Bal zo will help entertain families visiting from near and far. Not only can families interact with the numerous animal attractions available in the zoo, but afterwards have a splashing fun at the waterpark and continue to enjoy their day at Bal zo.

Bal Zo itself is well known as the first established zoo in Bali. The zoo was first opened its doors in 2002 in a nine hectare area and has served thousands of visitors from abroad and local Indonesians. Lunch in a panoramic view of the wild life animals, elephant ride, petting zoo, feeding the animals and take pictures with the reptiles & beautiful birds have already been visitors’ favorite activities at Bal Zo. Now with Miniapolis Jungle as the new facility, families can enjoy having a splish splash playing at the outdoor waterpark.

At Miniapolis Jungle, families can relax outdoor enjoying the sun and play at the waterpark complete with the giant water bucket splash and many more. Cabana, locker, changing room, and pool bar are available on the site. The waterpark area operates daily from 10.00 am to 5 pm and the tickets sold are valid for a whole day. Birthday party packages, school fieldtrip package and large group booking are also available.

Miniapolis continues to be consistent in providing new creative ways to entertain your families in a safe & hygienic environment. Now together with Miniapolis Zoo, Miniapolis continues to emphasize the word edutainment where families can be entertained while learning new things in the jungle!

Miniapolis Jungle is the second branch in Bali and we continue to focus on providing the best for our customers visiting bali!

  • Animal Encounters

Come and experience Bali’s most unique photo opportunity as you sit up close and personal with our tame animals during our animals encounters session. Daily session from 1 PM and 4 PM in the Elephant View Restaurant.

Get up close and personal for a petting and photo session with our assortment of exotic fauna. See what the scales on a fresh water crocodile and python or the fur of a binturong and tiger cub feel like then have your photo taken with these tame creatures. Our Bal Zo staff will gladly take a photo for you or assist in taking one with your own camera.

  • Feed The Animal

You can buy fruit for the animals at next to ticket counter to feed deer, rabbits, goats, marmots etc. And also have a go, feed our wild animals such as crocodiles, tigers, lions, and elephant with help of our keeper.

Watch our African lions, tigers and crocodiles come alive as you feed them from afar for this exclusive and interactive Bali opportunity.  Or treat the entire family to a unique chance to hand feed our tame wallabies, deer, gibbons sun bears, orangutan, camels, pelicans and more.

  • Petting Zoo

Invite your children to interact with and pet our gentle baby animals and learn about their behavior. Kids can experience touching and hand-feed some of our domestic animals (rabbit, baby deer).

The whole family will enjoy this opportunity to visit our special zoo pen where kids can pet our domesticated baby rabbits and Muntjak Muntiacus, Sitatunga and Timor deer. Interact with these gentle animals while learning about their behavior.

Bal Zo - Package Admission Overseas


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